“And we know that all things work together for good…”
~Romans 8:28

Ghost, the feral cat I feed, brought her three kittens to my barn, where they now seem content to reside. Yesterday I set out traps to catch them all so that they can be spayed and neutered. The kittens weren’t too reactive, but when I trapped Ghost, I saw the full fury of a wild animal.

Ghost had no way of knowing I was looking out for her ultimate health and well-being and that the outcome of her being trapped will be a better life. It’s the same for me, sometimes. When I feel trapped in a situation that makes me fearful, I can’t see how it will end well. I can’t see that it is simply a step towards a better life. I forget that God has the big picture in mind as my life unfolds.

The circumstance you feel trapped in right now isn’t necessarily a bad thing. God’s working for your good, and soon you’ll go on to better things. Ghost will come home and have a better life because she doesn’t have to give birth anymore. I’ll continue to feed her and love her from the distance that she demands. Her kittens may be young enough to be socialized and placed for adoption into loving homes. Good outcomes for having had to go through an uncomfortable experience in a trap for a little while. Don’t despair if you are feeling trapped right now by circumstances that make you sad or fearful. Your outcome will be good, too.

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