“Don’t fear… I have called you by name; you are mine.”
~Isaiah 43:1

A sound awakened me. There. I heard it again—a scratching, rustling noise. Pulse quickening, I threw off my blanket and lowered my legs over the edge of the bed. In the dark, I fished my feet around on the floor, feeling for my bedroom slippers. Quickly, I tugged on my bathrobe and padded to the window and slowly drew back the curtain. I peered out into the dark, straining to see what was making the noise. A movement caught my eye close to the window where I stood. A skunk waddled happily out from under my house, his tail held high. I let out a sigh of relief. It wasn’t someone trying to break in.

“Why is it that I’m afraid in the dark?” I wondered out loud as I crawled back into bed.
God whispered, “When you’re in the dark you can’t see what’s around you. You don’t know what’s really there.”
“That’s true,” I said. “I feel vulnerable.”
“Just like when you are in a dark time in your life when you don’t know future, you get anxious,” God said.
I nodded in agreement. “That’s true, too.”
“Learn to trust me more. Trust me in the dark of night and in your dark days. Trust that I’m there.” God whispered. “You’ll feel less afraid knowing that I’m there with you, watching over you, my child.”

I thought of God’s creatures great and small roaming through the dark on the other side of my bedroom wall. I smiled. “I’ll do better at trusting,” I said,  Just then an owl screeched, “Who?” “Who?” I smiled. “I’ll do better at trusting you, God,” I clarified. I nestled my head into the coolness of my pillow and fell fast asleep.




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