“All is known in the sacredness of silence.”

Whenever I’m confused or afraid, I remember these words: “Be still and know that I am God.” To be still means more than stopping our actions, it means to stop our minds, our internal voices, as well. For it is only when we are still, wrapped in the spaciousness of silence, that we can hear the answers we need. For it is only there that we can truly hear God. In the silence, we hear eternal wisdom rising above the incessant chatter of our worries and woes. In the silence, we are given the gift of God’s fullness.

It takes practice, this listening to silence. Our minds¬†fight against the emptiness of thoughts and ideas, beliefs and ideals we cling to. But we can be kind and gentle with ourselves as we learn to venture deeper and deeper into silence, knowing that it takes time to learn this new way of being. It also may take time to be comfortable with the results of being silent, for when we are silent, we are changed. New paths, new ideas, new ways of thinking emerge. Our tight grip on the demands of our egos loosen and our hands and hearts open to all the goodness and abundance in God’s great universe.

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