Faith comes from hearing.
~Romans 10:17

The coming storm announced itself with a sudden drop in temperature as a hush descended upon the yard. The only sound—the gentle sweep of the wind. It was the first time today that I’d not heard the birds singing. It was in the silence that I felt God’s presence.

“You’re here,” I whispered, as I sat down on the wooden bench in the garden.

“Yes,” God answered.

I wanted to say more but He stopped me.

“No need for words,” God spoke softly to me. “In silence, my Spirit will fill you.”

Again, I wanted to speak but remained quiet. I didn’t want to disturb God’s work. I sat in the silence for some time, finally rising to go inside when I got too cold.

“My Spirit is a powerful force,” God said. “Tend to it inside of you. Don’t diffuse it by talking too much, to me, or to others.”

I nodded.

“In the silence, you’ll be renewed. In the silence, you’ll know how to share my love,” God whispered.

I walked back to the cottage as the first drops of rain fell. I closed the door behind me and sat down by the window to be with the mystery that is God.


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