“To every thing there is a season…”
Ecclesiastes 3:1

California has been pummeled with rain. I’ve lost quite a few plants in my garden. They couldn’t dry out enough in between storms. But life in the garden goes on. The family of squirrels that I feed still come by every day. I watch them eating in the rain, seemingly unphased by the wet weather. What if I could navigate the storms in my life like that? I wondered. What if I could be unphased by adversity?

I watched a squirrel sitting up on her haunches, eating a peanut. She wasn’t wondering when the storms were going to pass. She was living in the moment. She wasn’t questioning God or her place in the universe. She was simply enjoying a peanut in the rain.

Into each life, a little rain must fall. There is a season for our hard times. How we decide to navigate those hard times are our choices. I want to be more like the squirrels in my soggy garden. I want to be unphased by the storms and enjoy my life in spite of them.


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