Were not our hearts burning within us?
~Luke 24:18

The sun lifted her face above the horizon, casting a golden glow across the meadow. I pulled on my coat and went out to greet the new day and to pray. “God, I get discouraged sometimes. Life can get so chaotic, filled with negativity,” I said.

“Keep your eyes on me,” God answered. “Recognize me in everything and you’ll rise above the chaos and confusion.”

“But I can’t always see you,” I confessed.

“Your stories blind you,” God said gently. He rested His hand upon my shoulder. “Like the disciples on the road to Emmaus. They couldn’t recognize Jesus because they were stuck in their story of His demise, unable to see who was standing right in front of them!”

“But deep inside, they knew Him, even if they couldn’t see it was Him, couldn’t they?” I asked.

“Yes, their hearts burned for Him,” God replied.

“I’ll remember that this burning in my heart is evidence that you are always here and I’ll do my best to let go of my negative stories so that I can see you in everything.”

A finch in the pear tree began to sing, filling my heart with joy. “I hear you and I see you this morning, God,” I said, as the bird and its song fanned the flames in my heart.

God pulled me to Him in a warm embrace. We stood there together and watched and listened as His world up.




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