“Let not your heart be troubled.
~John 14

I sat under the oak tree and listened to the wind move through the branches—the soft sound soothing to my weary soul. A memory of a difficult time in my life had taken over me and I needed some time and space to myself.

“You don’t live there anymore,” God said as He sat down next to me. “Remember, you gave that trauma to me a long time ago.”

“I know I did. But it’s back. I can’t seem to shake the feelings around it,” I answered.

“I made your heart whole. You’ve been healed from the past.”

“Why am I feeling this way, then?” I asked.

“Align yourself with Me,” God whispered, “and the past will stay in the past.”

“How do I do that?”

“Find me in everything around you.”

I looked out over the meadow and saw the wind moving through the tall grass. A flock of birds, high above, were making their way to the horizon. The sun’s warm fingers rested on my arms. Off in the distance, a deer and her fawn moved silently through the trees.

“I’m here with you,” God said. I nodded as tears found their way down my face. God gently picked me up and carried me back to the cottage. “Let your heart be full of Me—my love and my grace.”

I wiped my eyes and walked into the kitchen, into the present moment, the past now comfortably behind me.




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