Seek His face always.
~1 Chronicles 16:11

I stepped out of the cottage to clear my head after a busy morning. “I’m looking for you, God,” I said and smiled as I started on my walk. It was a game I liked to play with Him. Off in the distance, the geese on the pond took flight, their calls punctuating the morning as I strode deeper and deeper into the woods.

I made my way to the ridgeline and looked out over the valley. The mountains on the horizon were blanketed in snow.

“I found you!” I shouted across the vast expanse.

“Where am I?” God asked playfully.

“You’re here,” I replied and placed my hand over my heart. “And here,” I said, as I swept my arms in a wide circle.

“You found me!” God laughed. “Shall we walk back together?”

“I’d like that,” I answered. “Will you point out your handiwork on the way?”

“Of course,” He said. “There’s much to share with you.”

“And I’m grateful for it all,” I said as we walked side-by-side under the canopy of tall pines, listening to His songbirds herald His approaching steps.



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