God will supply every need.
~Philippians 4:19

A fierce wind and a pounding rain swept down from the mountains, stripping the last autumn leaves from the trees. The meadow was carpeted¬†in a patchwork of reds and yellows. I put another log on the fire and cozied up on my chaise lounge to wait out the storm. “They look so forlorn,” I whispered to God, pointing to the trees. “They’ve lost all of their leaves.”

“Appearances can be deceiving,” He gently replied. “They aren’t forlorn at all.”

“They aren’t?” I asked.

“No. To them, loss is faith in action, for they trust that come the spring they will have new growth,” God explained. “You can allow your losses to become your faith in action, too.”


“Know that everything that has been taken away will be replaced with something else, something new,” God said. “Be patient, like the trees.”

“So, I don’t have anything to fear because loss is just a transition to something new or different,” I said.

God patted my shoulder and smiled. “That’s right.”

I looked at the trees once again and this time I saw their magnificent truth, that even in their naked vulnerability, the promise of their coming new glory was ever present.

And so it is with all of us. In our losses resides the promise of things yet to come. Good things. Things that glorify the living God who loves us.





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