God’s name is majestic throughout all the earth!
~Psalm 8:9

Walking the trail this morning I barely paid attention to my surroundings— too busy thinking about the things I needed to get done. God tapped me on the shoulder. “You’re missing the beauty,” He whispered.

“I’m a bit preoccupied, sorry,” I answered.

“I’ll walk with you and show you,” God said. As we walked He pointed out the geese on the pond. He showed me little birds that flew through the reeds in the marsh, singing as they went along. He pointed out a doe hiding shyly in the tall pines and He brought my attention to the enormous boulders resting high up on the hill. The trail curved sharply ahead. When we came round the bend, an old gnarled tree greeted us.

“Look at those scars where the branches were cut off. How beautiful they are,” I said and ran my hand over the tree’s long-ago wounds, my heart filling with tenderness.

“If you take the time to really see my creation, and love it, you’ll begin to feel my love more often. That love will spill over into every breath you take and into every action you make,” God said.

We continued our walk together until we came to the end of the trail. By then I had forgotten my to-do list and instead, my mind and my heart were filled with love and gratitude. I’d have missed them had God not gently nudged me to see His beauty all around me.

God’s nudging you, too. Go outside. Take a walk. See His glorious handiwork. Love everything you see.






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