All night the wind blew, huffing and puffing as if to blow the house down. I stayed curled up in my bed, listening to its fury. Unable to take down the house, it turned its attention to the tall foxgloves. They moved to its whims, like an inflatable advertising tube man, collapsing and rising again, arms and hair flailing about. By night’s end, my favorite foxglove had bent too many times and was unable to right herself again. My heart was heavy when I saw her laying her soft head on top of the other flowers.

I lifted her and tied her gently to a bamboo stake so that she could once again take her rightful place in the garden. “We all need a helping hand now and then,” I told her as I tied the last string in place to secure her. “The winds of change blow in everyone’s direction.” I heard the gate swing open, it’s rusty hinges complaining.

“You’ve done good work here, Sparrow,” God said. “You’ve loved well this morning by helping one of my creations.”

“it’s what you’ve taught me to do,” I answered. “The more I know you, the more I want to love and serve others, just as you love and serve us.”

A yellow finch landed on the feeder and began singing. “That’s my cue to start my morning. Let’s have coffee together,” I suggested.

God nodded and we walked arm and arm up the steps to the house together.


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