“Ask and it will be given to you.”
~Matthew 7:7

A movement outside catches my eye. I stop writing and look out of the window. A baby bird perched on top of the feeder shakes and flaps its wings. It’s an attention-getting little dance. “Me! Me. Me!” it chirps. The bird’s mother places a seed in its mouth. Over and over I watch the mother feed her little one. After a few minutes, the baby bird is full and the two of them fly away.

I think about the times when I have felt like that baby bird, desperately in need of attention. “Me! Me! Me!” I squawk to God. Like the devoted mother at the feeder, God gently gives me something to sustain me.

A peace settles down around me—a knowing that God will always take care of His creation. He will always take care of me. And, He will always take care of you.





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