The wind, in its usual hurry, pushed the water into clumsy waves. I stood on the banks of the San Francisco Bay and listened to them lapping against the rocks, my scarf fluttering on the breeze.¬†“The year is almost over, God,” I whispered into the wind. “Thank you for all the many blessings and opportunities you gave to me. I look forward to the New Year.”

“You’re most welcome, Sparrow,” God answered. He rested His hand upon my shoulder. “Let’s be quiet for a few moments and appreciate what is here before us.” I felt the cold wind upon my face. I heard the gulls crying as they circled overhead. I felt God’s love burrow deeper into my heart and soul. “The past year was made up of moments, just like this one,” God explained. “The coming New Year will be made of the same. It’s what you will choose to do with those moments that will determine your health and happiness.”

“I want your love to guide my moments,” I said.

“Then it will be another good year,” God answered and patted my back. We stood together, watching the choppy water until I had to leave to join my children for our New Year’s Eve celebration. But before I left, I reached out my arms and hugged God, holding Him close to my heart.


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