The day moved slowly toward the horizon. Soon, it would drop below the ridgeline and night’s long shadows would come out of hiding. I sat at the window and watched the clouds cling to the last bit of light. Ever-changing, they altered their shapes, moving slowly across the darkening sky. They paid me no mind, intent upon their duties, calling to the earth’s moisture to rise up and join them.

One, in particular, overtook its neighbors and grew into a menacing tower of white. It moved more slowly than the others, too heavy to be nimble and quick. I grew rather fond of it, cheering it on as it gained in girth. The wind suddenly shifted and the behemoth came apart, long strands of fluff spread out from its center.

It’s silly to be cloud watching, I thought to myself and turned away from the window.

“Don’t go,” God whispered. “Turn back.”

I looked out of the window just in time to see the day’s last exhale paint the clouds a fiery orange.

“The clouds know you are watching them. When you appreciate nature, nature lets me know,” God said with a smile. He lifted His hands and redirected the wind, bringing the big cloud back together again for me to see one last time before it was swallowed by the night.

One by one, the stars came out to play. I sat for a long time and watched them shine, knowing that God appreciated me appreciating them.



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