Blessed are the poor in spirit.
~Matthew 5:3

Two deer grazed just outside my kitchen window. Now and again, they raised their heads to watch me as I made my morning cup of coffee. I felt connected to them— as if the three of us were blessed to share the moment together. After a while, they moved on and my thoughts turned to the day ahead. I had a long to-do list waiting for me.

“You’ll do better if you empty your cup,” God said as I sat down at my desk.

“But I just made it,” I lifted my mug up for Him to see. “I’ve only had a sip or two.”

“Not that cup. You. Empty yourself,” God said gently. “Empty yourself of your pride. Allow me to fill you— to direct you.”

“Will you help me?” I asked.

“Of course. Be still. Feel me deep within your heart. Let my love guide you as you work today,” He instructed. “Remember, your work isn’t about you. It’s about the people your work serves.”

I thought of the people my work touches—how so many of them are scared and feeling hopeless. I prayed, “Please God, let your love reach through me and touch them.”

“I’ll fill your cup with my love so that it overflows onto everyone you speak with today,” God promised. I looked up from my desk. The two deer had returned. They stood in the meadow, looking at me. I smiled, feeling God’s love fill my heart.



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