My grace is sufficient for you.
~2 Corinthians 12:9

A gentle rain fell as the day broke free from the night’s darkness. I curled up by the fire and sipped my coffee, pondering the hours ahead. “God, I’ve got to attend an event today that is emotionally challenging. I’m anxious about it,” I said.

“What exactly makes you anxious?” God asked softly.

“I’m afraid people will talk about me behind their backs. That they will put me down. I’m afraid some people there don’t like me,” I said truthfully.

“Sounds like you’re trying to protect your ego,” God answered.

“That’s true. I am.”

“Do you remember how Jesus coped with people’s negative opinion of Him?” God asked me. “He didn’t let other’s opinions disturb Him because He didn’t forget who He was,” God explained. “I’ll be with you. If you get overwhelmed, reach out for my hand,” God whispered. “I’ll remind you that you are mine! Go, enjoy yourself, and let your light shine!”

I smiled at the thought of God and I walking into the event holding hands, His love burning bright inside of me. I looked out the window and the clouds were scattering, leaving in their wake the soft hints of a blue sky. “I’ll go and forget about my ego. I’ll go and be a living conduit of your love.”

“Atta girl, Sparrow,” God said and gave me a quick hug.



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