Praise the Lord, my soul.
~Psalm 104

The wind came rushing down from the mountains, bending the tall Poplars that stand in line by the pasture. The birds, roused from their midday rest, took flight from the waving branches. I watched them beat their wings against the wind to make their way across the field. The clouds, too, scurried across the sky, tumbling over one another in their hurry.

“What are you up to God?” I asked.

“Playing,” God answered.

“May I play, too?” I asked, and started running, chasing the clouds.

God laughed. “Of course, Sparrow.”

A burst of wind brushed past me, lifting my hair. I stopped running and stood in its energy. I raised my arms out from my sides and twirled, like a little girl. Dizzy, I dropped to the ground, giggling. I laid there in the warmth of the sun, watching God ride the wind and scatter the clouds in His wake. I laid there in awe of Him.




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