The night crawled closer, chasing the last of the sunlight from the yard. I sat outside and pondered the day’s events, taking inventory of my thoughts and deeds. Had I done well with all that God had given me today? In reviewing my day I realized that there were more than a few times I hadn’t been at my best. Guilt reached up and tugged my face downward, pulling my shoulders along with it.

“You missed the mark a few times today,” God said gently.

“I’m sorry. I feel bad about it,” I answered.

“I know you do,” God replied. “That’s why I am giving you a second chance.”

“You are?” I asked and lifted up my head.

“I give everyone a second chance,” God said. “It’s called tomorrow.”

“Thank you,” I said. The last light of the day fell below the curve of the horizon. God scattered some stars across the sky and invited the shy moon to join them. I took a few moments to admire their beauty, then turned, and walked to the door.

“Rest well, Sparrow. I’ll see you in the morning,” God whispered on the night’s breeze as I went inside.




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