“People look at the outward appearance…”
~1Samuel 16:7

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. But when we look at things, our eyes don’t tell us the whole story. We see skin color. Gender. Nationality. Age. We may even be able to discern religion or even sexuality. We judge people by what they look like and how they look determines how we feel about them. But when we close our eyes and look with our hearts, we see so much more. Our hearts sees that everyone is a precious child of God. Our hearts recognize the Spirit of God in everyone.

Today, don’t look with your eyes. Look with your heart. Keep your eyes closed and your heart wide open! Put aside all of the labels you use to separate yourself from others. Put away all of the judgments you use that make you feel superior to others. You aren’t. God doesn’t love you any more than He loves anyone else. When we look with our hearts and see that we are all equal, all intertwined by God’s hand, our eyes begin to work better. We stop seeing differences and we start seeing the truth about each other. We start seeing love.

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