Don’t judge others.
Matthew 7:1

“Put that away and come and be with me,” God whispered to me as I scrolled through my Facebook feed.

“Just a sec. Let me see what’s happening in the political arena,” I answered, unable to tear myself away from the news.

“Your ego,” God said, “is keeping you from me.” I thought I could hear a slight sorrow in His voice.

“But these things are important, God,” I argued. “I need to stay informed.”

“What you need is more compassion,” He answered.

“Compassion?” I asked.

“The people with different political beliefs are no different than you. You both have the same roots of evil capable of growing in your hearts,” God explained. “It is only by spending time with me that you put away your judgment of others and replace it with compassion. It is only then, that you can truly love.”

I turned off my phone and put it on the table. I pulled on a sweater and went out into the garden. I sat under the pear tree and opened my heart to God; to love. Only then, did I see my own part in adding suffering to the world. Only then did I see that my judgment creates division, which is against the very thing that Jesus commanded that we do—love one another.

“Help me to be aware of my own sinfulness, so that I don’t judge others,” I prayed. “Help me to love. Please.”




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