“…he who hurries his footsteps errs.”
~Proverbs 19:2

I’ve got to get all of this done, I thought to myself. I looked at the mountain of paperwork stacked on my desk. Next to it was my “to do” list that grew longer by the minute. I felt overwhelmed by all that I need to accomplish this week. Just as I let out a heavy sigh, I felt God’s hand come to rest on my shoulder.

“There are more important things than your “to do” list,” God said. “Your peace of mind is more important. Being rested is more important. Being with your loved ones, and sharing a smile or a hug are more important. Slow down. Do your work at a pace that doesn’t destroy you.”

I thought about Jesus’ promise that He would give us rest. We can only rest when we go at His pace. I thought of His dusty sandals trodding the roads. I thought of the conversations He had with people, and the time He took to go off by Himself. He didn’t rush. He wasn’t driven by a “to do” list. I reached over to the list and crossed off a dozen inconsequential bullet points. I wrote, in big capital letters, “SLOW DOWN,” at the top of the list. Instantly I felt lighter and happier.

“There you go,” God said. He patted my shoulder. I sat down at my desk and I called my mother for a long chat.

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