Create in me a pure heart.
~Psalm 51:19

“I got nothin’ God,” I said, feeling rather guilty as I stared out the window at the clouds building up on the horizon.

“What do you mean?” God asked softly.

“I didn’t know what to write about today,” I confessed.

“Oh, that,” God replied. “I knew you were feeling a bit stuck.”

“I thought I’d write about the beautiful covey of quail in the garden. Then I thought I’d write about the sunlight that painted everything pink and gold. Then the feral kittens showed up at my kitchen door and I thought about how precious they are. But I wasn’t able to turn any of my thoughts into a soul reminder,

“That’s quite alright, Sparrow,” God said. “I know your heart was in the right place.”

“It’s always looking for ways to share your love. That’s really what all of my soul reminders are about—how much you love us.

“I know. And I do love you all, so very, very, much. It’s why I created everything for you to enjoy,” God said.

A gust of wind from the coming storm rattled the windows of the cottage. Off in the distance, thunder rolled across the mountain tops. “I’m sure I’ll know what to write tomorrow,” I said as I curled up on my chaise lounge, ready to enjoy the wild weather.

“I know you will,” God said and sat down beside. I rested my head on His shoulders as the clouds broke open and the rain came down, pattering on the roof.


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