Wonderful are your works
~Psalm 139:14

Looking in the mirror I saw some new gray hairs in my eyebrows. I resisted the temptation to pluck them out; I’d have no eyebrows left if I started doing that. “God, did you know that eyebrows are now a thing?” I asked. “There’s a whole industry built around making them look a certain way.”

“So I’ve seen,” God replied. “People seem to like conformity.”

“It can be a bit demoralizing when you don’t fit in with the standards,” I said. I rubbed my finger over my wiry brows, smoothing them into place.

“You fit in with my standards,” God said quietly.

“What standards are those?” I asked.

“Uniqueness and diversity,” He answered. “There are no exact replicas of anything in my creation. Everything is special in its own way.”

“So I don’t have to go on Amazon and buy an eyebrow stencil?”

“I hope you won’t!” God said with a smile. “I rather like your brows as they are; wild and wonderful, just like you.”

“Awww. Thanks, God.” I stepped away from the mirror, happy to be me, happy that we are all so richly unique.


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