You can’t hate your brother or sister and love God.
~1 John 4:20

The evening moon peered over the eastern rim of the world and smiled. Its pale candle of light cast shadows across the garden. I sat in the porch swing and watched the day release her grip and surrender to the inevitable darkness. “It was a good day, God,” I prayed. “A very good day. But some of the people I met today didn’t see you. They didn’t love you. How can I help them?’ I asked.

“Tell them to first love the rocks and minerals that line the earth. Then the plants and trees that grow. Next, love the animals that roam, and the birds that soar—the bugs that fly and crawl. After they have fallen in love with those things, tell them to love people. Then they will be able to love me, for I am in everything I have created,” God answered.

“I’ll be sure to tell them,” I answered softly so as to not disturb the gentle breath of God as it settled down over me.

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