“Give thanks to the Lord…”
~Psalm 118:29

The mercury rose as the heat of the day bore down on the garden. The birds abandoned the feeder in search of shade. Even the busy squirrels stopped foraging under the oak trees. “It’s too hot, God,” I complained. “Can’t you turn down the thermostat a bit?” A butterfly, oblivious to the heat, bobbed from flower to flower. The color on its wings so vibrant that I couldn’t help but smile. “What a beautiful butterfly,” I said as I wiped away the sweat from my brow.

“Thank you for saying so,” God said.

I heard His words and an uncomfortable feeling came over me. I realized that I don’t say thank you to God often enough. I’m usually asking Him to do something for me—asking Him to apply Himself.

“I take back what I said about it being too hot. No need to turn down the temperature.”

“The vegetables growing in your garden will be glad to hear that. So will that lizard on the rock next to you,” God said gently.

I turned my head to see a lizard sunning itself. “Everything is in your hands, I know. Thank you. For everything. Even this heat.”

“You are most welcome,” God replied as a robin landed in the birdbath. I watched it splash about, tossing water up onto its back. When it was done it flew off leaving me with the reminder to stop asking God to do and to let God be. And, to say thank you.










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