“Rise, let us go…”
~John 14:31

“God, the storms in my life get me so discouraged,” I confessed as I readied myself for sleep. “I think about Jesus, and the storms He had to go through. When He knew that He would be betrayed after the Last Supper, He said, ‘Rise, let us go,’ and walked to His execution on the cross. How could He do that? How could He so willingly face such torture when I can barely face the problems I have?”  I asked.

“Because I was with Him, just as I am with you, Sparrow,” God said softly.

“But I’m not as brave or as strong as Jesus.”

“You don’t have to be,” God answered. “Just trust me. That’s all the strength and bravery that you need—your love for me,” God said and put His hand on my shoulder. “Everything is going to be alright. The storms will pass.”

“Thank you for reassuring me. And thank you for your Son.”

“You are welcome,” God said. “Now, get some rest.”

I promised myself that in the morning, I’d face whatever I had to face with God’s help—I would do my best to rise and go.



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