In him, all things hold together.
Colossians 1:17

My mood was as gloomy as the rain-soaked morning. A heavy fog had settled in overnight, painting the meadow a depressing gray.  I put another log in the stove and resigned myself to a day indoors.

“Why are there so many contradictions in life, God? How do I cope with it all?” I asked rather dejectedly.

“My Son answered that question,” God replied.


“On the cross. He carried all the world’s suffering and allowed Himself to be transformed by it with His resurrection. He showed you that if He could hold all the contradictions in life, you could too. Remember, His death on the cross taught you to not project your pain onto others, creating scapegoats or enemies. He taught you to not stay trapped in your pain. You can hold all the contradictions and allow them to transform you, with love, just as He did.”

“But it’s so hard to do sometimes,” I confessed.

“That’s why you pray. That’s why you walk closely with me,” God answered lovingly. “That’s what Jesus did.

“It’s a big lesson to grasp on a wet morning,” I replied.

“I’ll sit with you and open your eyes and your heart so that you understand,” God answered.

Movement in the meadow caught my eye. A flock of birds had descended on the feeders, happily pulling sunflower seeds from the long wire cage. How beautiful they were against the backdrop of the ominous sky.

“Yes, please help me to be more like Jesus. It may take me a lifetime but I’m willing to learn.”

God rested His hand on my shoulder and the lesson began.






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