“I am the light of the world.”
~John 8:12

Every morning before the sun has made her shy debut in the East, I go out walking.  This morning I watched a lone bicycle rider approach from a distance, his little front light flickering, exposing dangers on the road. I stood transfixed, watching his light carve out the right path for his tires to follow.

When the rider passed by, I continued my walk, pondering the notion of light. Jesus said that He was the light of the world, I thought to myself. Like the light on the bike, He showed us the right path; He showed us how to live. Why aren’t we living as He showed us how to live?

It’s hard to be Christlike. We have to put aside our egos. We have to love others. We have to forgive. We have to be of service to others. We have to put God first. We have to have faith in things unseen. It’s a tall order. Yet it’s the right path. It’s the safest path! I made a promise to renew my trust in God’s light. Just as I was lifting my prayer up to God, the sun peered over the horizon. The clouds blushed pink as the last of the stars surrendered to the early morning light. I slowed my pace and let my senses delight in the freshness of the new day. “I’ll let you be my light,” I said to God. “I’ll do my best to live the life you showed us how to live.”

I hope that today you will renew your trust in God’s light. I hope that like me, you will want to live as Christ showed us how to live. I hope too, that we will all love as He loved— with His whole heart.

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