“Be kind to one another…”
~Ephesians 4:32

On my morning walk, I came across a bird’s nest that had fallen from a tree during the night. I picked it up and marveled at its construction. Hundreds of twigs intertwined with each other to make a sturdy home. My eye caught one twig in particular. It was incredibly small. I wondered how the bird had even seen it. Why had the bird chosen it? Wasn’t it too small to make much of a difference?

Like the nest, our lives are made up of many intertwining things. There are our joys and our sorrows, our victories and our losses, our achievements, and our regrets. Even our small acts of thoughtlessness or disrespect will become a part of other people’s lives. So too, will our smallest acts of kindness. Let’s add to other’s lives in positive ways, even in small measures. Smile at a stranger. Open the door for someone. Say “Thank you.” Let the car ahead of you merge into your lane. Invite the person in line behind you with one item to check out before you. Be the little twig in the nest today in a positive way. Practice kindness, even on a small scale. It can make a big difference.

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