“Being strengthened with all power according to his glorious might…”
~Colossians 1:1

“I want to feel healthier,” I told God as I sat under the early morning stars.
“Keds,” God said.
“Shoes? That’s the answer?” I asked, scratching my head.
“Yes. Put on your Keds and go for a walk,” He insisted.
“But I…”
“No excuses!” God interrupted. And so, I pulled on my shoes and started out in the soft light of dawn. Three miles later, I was tired but happy.
“Do it again tomorrow,” God suggested. When tomorrow came around, I found a million reasons to avoid the long walk. “What you are feeling is the biggest barrier to a good life.” God said as I rolled over in bed, pulling the blanket tighter around me.
“What’s that?” I mumbled, still sleepy.
“Resistance,” God explained. “It stops so many people from claiming the abundance I’ve put on the Earth for them. “It’s a very powerful force. It takes a lot of love to break past it.”
“Love?” I questioned.
“Yes, love. If you love yourself enough, you’ll break past your resistance to exercising. If you love yourself enough, you’ll break past the resistance to anything that is in your way to a good life. You’ll be able to do the things that you are afraid to do.”
“I’ve never thought of resistance that way before,” I confessed.
“People resist all kinds of things that would help them to have a fuller, richer life. It’s not so much that they are lazy, it’s that they don’t understand that My love inside of them is a very powerful force. It can break through any fear, any resistance.”
I kicked off the covers and dressed quickly in the dark. I went out into the crisp morning air, out past the resistance that has been holding me back.

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