As it sometimes happens, I found myself facing a challenging situation. “This is a hard time,” I shared with God while out on my morning walk.

“I know it is, Sparrow,” God answered.

“And painful, too,” I lamented.

“Indeed. Transformation can be painful at times,” God whispered.

“That’s what’s happening?” I asked. “I’m being transformed?”

“Yes. My hands are breaking away the hardened parts of you and transforming them with my love,” He explained. “The pain will pass.”

“Then I will submit to your perfect hands and trust that you are shaping me for the better,” I said.

“I’ll walk with you and comfort you this morning,” God said and we walked and talked until I had to return to the cottage to start my day at work. I trusted that God’s good hands would help me to be the person He wants me to be.


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