The rain finally stopped as the sun opened her sleepy eyes and peered over the horizon. I tugged on my boots and zipped up my heavy jacket. Outside, I sucked the cold air deep into my lungs, grateful that they were healthy, and set out to explore the promise of the new day.

Hiking down the hill, I saw a kettle of vultures circling over the treeline, intent upon something below. Off in the distance, at the base of the slope by the gravel road, the song of the creek called to me as it made its way over sticks and stones. I cupped my hand to my ear and heard the tapping of a woodpecker somewhere deep in the forest ahead. Shakespeare, my little dog, caught up to me, his tail wagging his whole body with joy. I reached down and stroked his head before he bounded off, lured by some invisible scent.

I watched and listened to life waking up around me— to life seeking the same things we all seek—love and safety. “We are all in this together, aren’t we, God,” I said.

“Yes. All of my creation is bound together as one,” God replied.

I closed my eyes and lifted my face to the sun, allowing her to caress my face with her warm fingers. I whistled for Shakespeare and the three of us began the uphill climb back to the house, my heart full of all that is.


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