“Oh give thanks to the Lord…”
~Psalm 118:1

A cold wind blows down from the mountains. I pull my scarf up around my head, hoping to ward off the chill. I’m walking in the fold of the day where the morning turns into the afternoon. A handful of leaves scatter across the street and then settle. Their small racket stirs within me memories of winter nights spent in front of a crackling fire with friends. Overhead, the warning of a crow, a shrill crisp note, called over and over, breaks the quiet. Further down the road, I walk past a woman sitting in a rocker on her front porch. She waves to me as if we are long-lost friends. I smile and return the wave. I’m glad to be alive on this blustery day.

I promise myself that when I return home I will make an entry in my journal: “Today is a good day.” I haven’t won the lottery, or made a lot of money, or been asked for my hand in marriage, but still, it’s a good day. I’ve felt the wind. I’ve heard the sounds of nature. I’ve remembered friends and waved to a stranger. These small things that seem so inconsequential are the things that make life worth living. I give thanks to God for them.


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