God is light. In him, there is no darkness.
~1 John 1:5

The day was long, and I was tired and tense, full of negativity. “God, I need your help to overcome my bad mood,” I said.

“Certainly,” God answered. “Come, sit with me for a while.” I sat down next to Him on my couch and waited for Him to speak again. But He remained silent.

“Aren’t you going to tell me what to do?”

“Shhh. Just listen,” He replied.

“But you aren’t saying anything.”

“Listen with your heart,” He instructed.

I sat next to Him in the silence and after a few minutes, my heart heard His heart. My heart heard His love. My mind settled down, and my body relaxed.

“Come to me whenever you are not at peace,” God said gently, and put His arm around me. I leaned my head on His shoulder, bathed in His light. I sat there for a long time, at peace.

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