Walking under the light of the moon, alone, my heart ached. “Where’s my true love?” I wondered. How I longed for a hand to hold! The stars came out to play, dancing with the moon for all to see.

“Be like my moon and stars,” God whispered as a breeze stirred, sending magnolia leaves scuttling across the sidewalk ahead of me. “Don’t be afraid to be seen.”

I thought of the barriers to love I’ve created—my fears of inadequacies that make me hide.

“Love comes when you are vulnerable enough to let it find you,” God said gently. “Don’t be afraid to be known, Sparrow.”

“Will you hold my hand when being known feels too scary?” I asked

“Always,” God answered, and reached for my hand. I walked on, holding His hand— His lantern of the moon lighting our way back home.



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