“Submit to God, and you will have peace; then things will go well for you.”
~Job 22:21

My to-do list grew longer and longer as the days turned warmer. In the evenings, I often found myself exhausted and irritated that I was unable to finish everything on my list. This morning, determined to cross off a few more items on my list, I woke early and walked out into my vegetable garden. The tomatoes needed staking. Weeds needed to be pulled. A trellis for the beans needed to be built. I sat down on the rough-hewn bench under the pear tree and assessed the day’s tasks. I’d better get to work soon; temperatures were already climbing, even though the sun was still low on the horizon. I stood up and walked to my gardening tools, both my feet and my spirit a bit lethargic.

“Why are you not joyous on this fine morning I’ve made for you?” God asked

“There’s so much to do, God,” I grumbled. “I’m busy every day.”

“I Know. I watch you scurry about from activity to activity. But you’ve forgotten the most important activity of all.” God said gently.

“Which one is that?” I asked. I thought I’d listed everything I need to do,” I said somewhat defensively.

“You’ve not visited with me for a few days,” God said quietly. “That’s the most important activity there is, for it brings you peace.”

I thought about God’s words. He was right. I’d been praying every day, but I was just saying the words. I had not spent time in the softness of God, in the love of God. I walked back to the little bench and sat down. I looked at all that needed to be done and let it go. I looked again at the garden and saw God’s handiwork. There were bright yellow blossoms on the squash. A red-breasted Robin scratched around in the tilled soil. A soft breeze brought me the perfume of the wild roses growing by the fence. I felt the sun warm my body. “You’re here, aren’t you?” I whispered.

“Of course I am. Why don’t you visit with me for a little while?” God encouraged.

And so I did and felt at peace. I reminded myself to visit with God every day no matter how busy I get, for nothing is more important than that.


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