Psalm 121:7
~God will watch over your life.

All night the wind lashed at my little cottage. I laid awake in the small hours, listening to the walls groan with each gust. I knew sleep would not find me until the storm had spent its fury. Until then, I hoped the fire in the stove would keep the cold at bay. I watched the orange flames dance behind the glass across the room, grateful for their company.

“Are you afraid?” God asked as another gust shook the windows in their panes.

“Mostly feeling alone,” I replied honestly.

“I’ll keep you company,” He said and sat down in the wicker chair at the foot of my bed. The fire reflected off His face, filling the room with a heavenly glow.

“Thank you.”

“The storm will pass,” God said softly. “Go on and go to sleep. I’ll keep watch over you.”

I closed my eyes, my tired bones reaching out for the comfort of slumber, even as the wind howled. Sometime after dawn, I woke to the sound of silence outside, and to God’s sentinel heart beating at the foot of my bed. The night’s fire now ash and embers, but His love keeping me warm.




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