The sun reached her zenith, warming the garden like a pearl in her hands. I sat out under a blue sky and watched the garden life coming and going. Bees and butterflies. Bugs and birds. The more I observed, the closer I felt to God, for in witnessing His creatures, I knew Him better.

“You’ve written your autobiography in all living things,” I said.

“I’m glad you’ve noticed,” God said. “When you connect with my creatures, you connect with me. From there, goodness and mercy well up in you by their own accord,” God replied.

A hummingbird zoomed by me— her wings cut through the air like a little motor. “I’m going to sit out here a bit longer,” I said. “I want to know you as deeply as I am able.”

The sun began her slow slide down the slope of the sky. “I’ll sit here with you,” God answered. “I’ll sit here with you for all of time.”


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