“God is our refuge and strength, a very present help in trouble.”
~Psalm 46:1
“You can’t grow unless you face the things that frighten you,” God reminded me when I woke up. I was supposed to tackle a task I had been putting off because it made me anxious.
“I know,” I sighed. “I’ll do it this afternoon,” I promised, as I ate my breakfast. The morning passed and lunchtime rolled around. I told myself I’ll do that task later this afternoon. The afternoon came and went. The sun dropped below the horizon, and still, I had not faced the task I needed to do.
As I peeled carrots to steam, God ask me, “Why didn’t you do what you needed to do?”
“I was too busy today,” I answered, but I knew that wasn’t the real truth.
“Hmmmmm,” God said in such a tone that I blurted out, “Okay…I was scared.”
“Why didn’t you ask for help?” He asked. “I was here with you all day.”
“I know. I just forget to ask,” I answered honestly.
“Whatever challenge you want to overcome, just ask for my help,” God said. He put His hands on my shoulders and I relaxed into the comfort of His love. I held a carrot in my hand and felt the perfection of God’s creation. I knew that everything was in divine right order. God held everything together, including my life and all of its fears and doubts. I am a part of this amazing creation, and the task I had put off is a part of my lesson and my journey. When I thought of it that way, it was no longer as scary.
I’ll do the task tomorrow, God,” I said.and meant it. “I’ll ask for help if I need it.”

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