“But the greatest of these is love.”
~ 1 Corinthians 13:13

“Make a list of the things you love,” God encouraged me when I woke up this morning. I spent the morning thinking about all the things that spark joy in my life. I thought about my four children, my granddaughter, and my friends. I thought about my parents and my sister and her family. There’s my garden, and my cat and dog. One by one, I went down the list and shared them with God. “You’re not done,” He said gently.

In the afternoon, added more to my list of things that I love. I told them to God. God said, “You’re still not done.” For the rest of the day, I  thought some more. As I was headed to bed, I told God, even more things that I love. I felt as if I had exhausted everything that makes my heart happy. As I pulled up the covers before I turned out the light, God whispered, “What about yourself?” I had not once thought about the love I have for myself.

That’s what God wants us to remember. We are to love others, yes, but we are to love ourselves. We are to be kind and gentle with ourselves. We are to take good care of ourselves. The greatest commandment is to love. Stop beating yourself up. Stop expecting perfection. Stop seeing “beauty flaws.” See God’s Spirit inside of you. Love yourself.

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