“Perhaps this is the moment for which you have been created.”
~Esther 4:14

What are you doing right now? Sure, you’re reading these words, but what else are you doing in your life? Are you a mother? A father? A student? A business owner? Maybe you volunteer your time, helping others. Whatever your life endeavors are today, perhaps this is the very moment for which God created you!

When we think that this moment is the very reason for which we’ve been called into existence, it makes this moment exceptionally precious. The truth is, very few of us know the exact moment for which we’ve been created. Knowing that we may never know keeps us on our toes. What if it is this moment? Or this one? Or the next? When we live our life as if *every* moment is the one for which we’ve been created, our entire lives take on a fuller, richer feel. We live more purposefully. We take less for granted.

Look around you today. Notice how many lives your life touches. Maybe that smile you give to a stranger who is deep in despair is the very reason God created you. Maybe it’s the hug you give to your child or your spouse. Maybe it’s your delay at a red light that keeps an accident from happening. Live your life today as if every second matters. Live your life as if this moment is everything—because it is. It is all you have. It is the only place where you can access God. And it very well may be, the moment for which you were called into existence.

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