“For God has not given us a spirit of fear and timidity,
but of power, love, and self-discipline.”
~2 Timothy 1:7

I sat in the quiet of the rising sun, out in my garden. I prayed and pondered my life, thinking of all of the many twists and turns it had taken.

“You aren’t your story,” God said. “You are not the events that have taken place in your life,” God answered. “You are more than a mom, a coach, a sister, a daughter, a woman who has been abused or hurt. You are more than a person who stopped drinking. You are more than a person who had a brain injury and lost everything. You aren’t even your name. You aren’t Jennifer.”

“I’m not? Then who am I?”

“You are not a who. You are a what,” God said gently. “Instead of getting lost in the story you tell yourself about who you are you, think about what you are. You are a part of my creation. Your true nature is far greater than anything that has, or ever will, happen to you. Drop the stories. Then, drop the storyteller. Let your consciousness expand beyond the boundaries you’ve created. Remember what you are.”

“That may take me some time and effort,” I said. “I’m not used to thinking in those terms.”

“I’m here to help you,” God said. A songbird lifted her voice to the morning. I turned my face to the heavens and closed my eyes. I did my best to forget who I am and to just be what I am. For a moment, I was at peace, no longer bound to my story. I was fully connected to God.


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