All things work to good…
~Romans 8:28

“Rest for a while,” the afternoon urged me with its warmth. So I put down my work and poured myself a glass of lemonade and curled up in the big chair on the porch. The birds perched high in the heritage oak sang to me. My thoughts soon turned to the problems now facing me in this chapter of life.

“What do I do God?” I asked.

“You trust, just as you have always done,”  He answered.

“It’s hard to trust when I can’t see the road ahead.”

“I understand,” God said gently.

“I never know what’s going to happen next,” I sighed.

“Not knowing is what it means to be alive,” God said. “Walk into the uncertainty as if it is a meadow, teeming with life, with possibility. Live in it. Embrace it. Let it expand you instead of shrink you.”

“How do I do that?”

“Take my hand, I’ll show you,” God said, and gently lifted me out of the chair and into what’s next.




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