We would prefer to be out of the body and at home with God.
~2 Corinthians 5:8

“God, why do we have to die?” I asked late in the afternoon when the rain refused to stop and the sky was gray.

“The same reason why the sun sets every evening. It is the natural rhythm of things,” God said as we stood at the window together, looking out on the soggy day.

“But the sun returns. We don’t. It seems so…” I searched for the word. “Sad.”

“I can see how you could think that,” God replied. “But there is more to death than sorrow.”

“What more is there?”

“When your spirit leaves your flesh and bones for the earth to claim, there will be the joy in coming back to me,”

“That sounds lovely, but It’s still hard to let go of all we have here,” I said honestly.

“I know, Sparrow. Remember, I hung on a cross. I know what it’s like.” God reached out and wrapped His arms around me. “Don’t worry about the day you will die. Live now. And when the day comes that I send my angels for you, you’ll not be sad when I open the door and welcome you back to where you came from.”

As we looked out the window, the trees in the yard bowed in the wind. How they willingly surrendered to God’s command! I prayed with all of my heart to be like them to the end of my days.




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