On the day I called, You answered me; You made me bold with strength in my soul.
~Psalm 138:3

It seemed that the rain would never cease. The clouds, dark and swollen, had long ago replaced blue skies. Even the songbirds seemed tired of the dismal weather. They perched forlornly in the pear tree, huddling together for comfort. “I know how they feel, God,” I said as I stood at the window peering out on the meadow. “It’s been one challenge after another lately. I want shelter in the storms of life.”

“I’ll shelter you,” God answered me. “Give me your burdens and rest easy in my love and protection.” He slipped His arm around my shoulder. A crack appeared in the clouds toward the east, a streak of robin-egg blue breaking through the gray.

“You’ll give me the strength to carry on, won’t you?” I asked.

God pulled me tightly to His side and waved His hand to the clouds. They scattered across the sky, revealing the warm sun that had been shining behind them all along. “I will always give you the strength you need,” He replied.

The huddled birds moved apart and burst into song, rejoicing in the light. I too, began to sing, humming at first, then belting out the words, a bit off-key, but full of joy—my soul safe and strong.




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