“I praise you, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made.”
 ~Psalm 139:14

Do you know who you are? Do you have a sense of your authentic self, the one God created you to be? Do you do your best to live from that core place of authenticity? When we veer off the track of who we are on a soul level, we lose touch with God. We become nothing more than an actor on a stage, pretending.

It takes courage to be our authentic selves. We have to practice vulnerability, and that can be very uncomfortable. What if people don’t like us, or accept us? What if people judge us? Sometimes it feels safer to go along with the crowd than to show our true colors. But God wants us to be authentic. His eyes saw our unformed substance. He knows who He created. He gave us gifts and a particular purpose.

It’s amazing how many people go through life without exploring their gifts and purpose. When we don’t know them, we don’t live the abundant life God has planned for us. We fall short of His glory. If we want to know the abundance Christ claimed He came to give us, we must be courageous enough to know and to be whom God created.

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