Are you not more important than the birds?
~Matthew 6:26

The day was not going as I had hoped. I made myself a cup of tea and got cozy in the wicker chair on the front porch. I wanted a few minutes to myself, away from my responsibilities. A flock of birds flew lazily overhead, the sunlight glinting off of their wings. I envied their uncomplicated lives; they didn’t have work and bills and busy schedules.

“You’re discouraged,” God said to me and rested His hand upon my shoulder.

“I’m feeling down on myself,” I said honestly.

“Let me remind you of who you are,” God said gently. “You are mine. You are known. You are loved. You are strong. You are worthy.”

“But sometimes, I’m a mess, like today,” I said fighting back tears.

“That doesn’t change who you are,” God said. “Those are just feelings—worries, really.”

Another flock of birds flew overhead, their wings cutting through the unseen breeze. God pointed to them. “They know who they are; they know that they are mine. You can be as worry-free as them if you remember who you are.”

The birds circled back and landed on the feeder by the hedgerow. God, the maker of all things and I sat together and watched them eat, and I remembered who I am. I am His.





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