“Let us not become weary in doing good, for at the proper time
we will reap a harvest if we do not give up.”
~Galatians  6:9

Wind lashed the trees. I buttoned my coat and leaned into the gale as I went out on my morning walk. The sun had not yet broken the horizon; my feet struggled to find their way in the dark. “Where are you, God?” I begged. “I’m confused and I need your help, but you feel a million miles away. I need some guidance. I’m exhausted, my heart heavy. I’ve been trudging this lonely road too long.”
“I know,” God said.
“And you let me keep going like this?” Tears stung my eyes.
“Why? Why would you willingly let me feel this confused and lost?” I demanded to know.
“Because it is only in the darkness that you realize how much you need my light,” God answered softly. “You can’t know the fullness of my love without having felt the fullness of your despair. In your darkest moments, I am there, waiting for you to turn to me, to trust me.”
“I’m turning to you right now, I need this confusion in my life to end,” I said.
“See that glow up ahead?” God asked.
I squinted in the dark. I saw nothing but the dark of the pre-dawn sky. I shook my head.
“It’s there,” God reassured me. “Soon, you’ll see a shimmering light, a glow that covers the horizon. That’s your next chapter. It is waiting patiently for your arrival.”
“You promise?” I asked.
“I promise,” God answered.
“I’ll keep going,” I said. “One step at a time.”
“That’s the spirit. Remember, I’m always there with you, even in your doubts and fears, and your pain and anguish. You are never alone,” God reminded me. I looked down the long road ahead and there, way down at the end, I saw a soft light, a faint glow. I picked up my pace; my feet suddenly light and hurried to embrace my next chapter.

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