Sacred Relationship Workshop

One-on-one pre-arranged dates/times
(Four weeks)


  • One-on-one with Dr. Leigh
  • One short written lesson per week online
  • One hour of coaching/teaching session via Zoom with discussion/powerpoint presentation
  • You may email questions and updates any time during the four weeks


  • Workshop content is the basic neuroscience of “safety and security” (polyvagal theory), plus a deep dive into the teaching and wisdom of Jesus.


  • Learning about the brain helps the brain work better
  • Understanding Jesus’ teaching on a deeper level opens your life to wonderful new possibilities
  • Walking with Jesus, Taking Him up on His “Come and See,” and “Follow Me” propositions are life changing
  • Understanding the difference between “protection” and “connection” states allows you to love more as Jesus instructed
  • Being able to self-regulate your nervous system creates more health and well-being
  • Building Sacred Relationships will help you create stronger, healthier relationships


  • Sincerely wanting to take your life/love to the next level
  • Ready to do the work of learning and being teachable
  • Must be open to the teachings of Jesus
  • Able to connect to the internet for your sessions
  • Must be accepted for the workshop via an intake interview


  • Investment in learning how to love as Jesus commanded: $495

Jennifer Austin Leigh, PsyD

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