“So we have come to know and to believe the love that God has for us.
~1 John 4:16

Jesus instructed us to love. But we aren’t supposed to only give love. God’s love flows like a mighty river. We are to receive it as well. For many of us, receiving love is a challenge. We push it away, afraid that we are not worthy.

It is our job to let go of our unworthiness. We do that by giving our fears to God and allowing Him to work within us. Remember, He promised that He would remove our heart of stone (our fearful heart) and replace it with a heart of flesh. He also promised us He would put His Spirit inside of us. How can God’s Spirit be unworthy of love? It can’t be!

There is no way you are unworthy of love. Learn to receive love. Let it flow through you and back out into the world, as part of the whole we all live in together, as one.

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